Golfer Of The Year

The Golfer of the Year is a prestigious annual competition that measures members performance throughout the season. Points are awarded to players who take part in any of the qualifying competitions. Further points are awarded to those who finish in the top 10. The player who finishes with most points at the end of the season is declared Swinford GC Golfer of the Year.

Previous Winners

Year Winner
2007 Sean Kavanagh
2008 Sean Kavanagh
2009 Michael Cawley
2010 Gerry Ronayne
2011 Dean Gillespie
2012 Gerry Ronayne
2013 Kevin Feeney
2014 Gerry Ronayne
2015 Declan Munnelly
2016 Gerry Ronayne
2017 Gerry Ronayne
2018 Sean Kavanagh
2019 Declan Healy
2020 Gerry Ronayne
2021 James Irwin
2022 James Irwin
2023 Tom Horkan
2024 ?